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Baby's First Cold: My first runny nose!

Hi! I recently started daycare and within the first week I already had a runny nose! My parents were a bit worried because I was never sick before, but they knew this was also part of the process. I need to be exposed to germs so I can build a strong immune system.

They watched me closely but since I had good energy and appetite, was getting wet diapers and didn’t have a fever, they knew it wasn’t something too serious.

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After two weeks it was a bit much so they took me to an urgent care nearby where they saw babies. The provider told them it was allergies and gave me some home remedies like an air purifier and a humidifier. The provider recommended a brand that is used in hospitals, so that’s what they got (you can find them in the links above). The humidifier is really nice because it can double as a diffuser for aromatherapy! So mom got some essential oils to improve my quality of sleep even more.

My parents of course did everything they were told and more! They got a carpet cleaning machine and even washed the carpet during that weekend. They thought they would need to buy one but luckily you can rent one at home depot for hours or for a day. Just to be on the safest side they got it for 24h and we ended up with a carpet looking like new.

Then another week went by and I still had a runny nose but now I started coughing too. Sometimes I would cough during my sleep and wake them up worried. It was time to go to the doctor again. This time we went to my pediatrician’s office. Besides the runny nose and cough I still had good energy and appetite, was getting wet diapers and didn’t have a fever. The conclusion: a cold! But how come my classmates aren’t sick? My parents were feeling a bit under the weather but nobody in my class was sick. How could this be? The provider told my mom that maybe they already got this cold and are already immunized but can still carry it. Also, since I was born premature my immune system works differently from the immune system of my friends. Oh! I haven’t told you about that?? Maybe my mom will like to tell you that story. Be on the lookout for that.

So with this, there was not much else my parents could do. I’m too small, I’m just under a year old so I can’t really take medicines. The baby cold remedies my pediatrician suggested were:

  • Air purifier

  • Humidifier

  • Steam shower: when my mom or dad take a shower they have to bring me to the bathroom and sit me there to soak all the steam that comes out of the shower. That helps me breathe better.

  • Put some pillows under my mattress: they suggested elevating one end of my mattress but to never put pillows in the crib!! The pillows need to be under the mattress. I need to follow the safe sleep guidelines since I’m too young and anything in my crib is a risk for me

  • Nose rinses and aspiration: my parents are using a saline rinse wash in my nostrils twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bedtime. The nurse recommended a brand that has less chemicals and it’s pure saline so it’s safer for me. After the rinses, sometimes it tickles and I sneeze or my runny nose starts really going! My parents are always ready with this nasal aspirator to help me clean my nose and breath better.

  • Clean my nose with baby wipes: since I needed to clean my nose regularly during the day, that may hurt the skin of that area. To prevent that my parents have been using baby wipes and it is working great! No redness of my nose so far.

That was my adventure with my first baby cold! I know many more will come during my lifetime and also other contagious diseases but I’m sure my parents and Coco will be ready to look after me when the time comes. Until next time!

Do you have any other remedies that are safe and work in babies? What did you think about my first baby cold? Comment below!

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