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Baby's Gourmet Adventure: A Guide to Homemade Baby Food recipes

Hello, world! I may be just a tiny academic baby, but I have big opinions when it comes to food. Everyone says I’m a good eater!

You might think that being a baby means limited culinary experiences, but oh boy, you're in for a surprise! My mom’s first question was: what foods can I purée for my baby? And now, from mashed peas to sweet potatoes, I've sampled a delightful array of homemade foods that have my taste buds dancing with joy. Join me on this gastronomic adventure as I share my thoughts on some delicious homemade baby food delights that make me go ga-ga!

I’m the first human baby in this academic family and of course, my parents have to make everything about science and microbes!

First, they were worried about my microbiome. They had to explain to me what it was because I had no idea. Basically what I understood is that I have trillions of microbes in my gut that help me digest the foods and train my immune system. Also, it’s important to have lots of friendly microbes and few unfriendly microbes.

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My mom used to work for a company called Tiny health. They analyze the microbiome of babies and she learned a ton there on what foods are good for friendly microbes and how this can help me prevent the development of future allergies. But I’lll leave that for my mom to explain. She’s the scientist here. Oh! I forgot, she told me to share a code in case you want to do it too! You can use REF-CECILI6109 for $20 OFF in case you want to do this too.

Besides learning about the microbiome, she learned why parents worry about arsenic in baby foods, how to introduce allergens, the importance of breastmilk, and much more! You can read more about it here.

Anyhow, with all this knowledge my mom asked the pediatrician which baby foods to give me and what foods she could purée for me but, to be honest, the doctor didn’t say much. So my mom went to the place that knows it all: The internet!

She found two very interesting blogs where she goes when she needs help: babyfoode and what to expect. She even bought the baby food recipes book from the author of the babyfoodE blog! To my mom’s surprise, I’ve liked every recipe she has tried and most of them have herbs or condiments that are great for the development of my tastebuds! I bet there are many baby food recipes out there but my mom really liked the way herbs and spices are introduced and also the fact that it was developed with the help of health professionals. Every Time she’s asked about my baby food and she mentions what I eat, she gets a comment about how a gourmet baby I am!

She prepares the baby food recipes in bulk and uses glass containers to store it for a couple of days in the fridge and whatever is left can be frozen so I can have it later. She uses a silicone mold and stores the frozen balls of food in resealable bags. Then she can thaw the amount I need for my meals.

Lately, being summer here, she even started making ice creams! She uses another mold for these. Really, they’re usually just frozen fruit and water but they are a yummy and healthy snack to deal with this heat.

I might still be a tiny tot, but my taste buds have already been on a gourmet adventure through the world of homemade foods. From the first spoonful of puree to the playful finger foods and heartwarming family feasts, each meal has been a delightful journey of flavors and love. My academic parents have filled my little world with delicious creations made with affection. As I continue to grow and explore new tastes, one thing is for sure – homemade foods will always hold a special place in my heart and tummy! Bon appétit!

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