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My secret to have fun in the snow while staying healthy and safe

Hey there buddies! Snowflakes are falling, and it’s time to have some frosty fun! As a doggo, I’m all about enjoying the snow. But hey, let’s not forget about staying safe and healthy while we’re at it. So, here are some cool tips for your furry pal to enjoy the snow and stay safe.

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1. Dress to Impress Remember, it’s chilly out there! Short-haired doggos as me feel the cold more, so we need some extra layers. Think about getting a stylish coat or sweater for your pup to keep them warm. I rock a hooded jacket myself! And don’t forget about our paws - the cold and road salt can be tough on them. My humans tried some boots on me, but they weren’t my style. Then they found Pawz boots, and I don't just love them, I also look like a rockstar!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Even when it’s cold, staying hydrated is super important. Make sure your dog always has fresh water. If you’re planning a long walk or hike, pack a water bottle and a collapsible bowl for your pup.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Hypothermia Hypothermia is no joke. It happens when a dog’s body temperature gets too low. If your dog starts shivering, seems tired, or weak, get them inside ASAP and wrap them in a warm blanket. You can also use a heating pad or warm water bottle to help them warm up. If they don’t improve, call your vet right away.

4. Paw Protection The salt and chemicals used to melt snow and ice can be rough on your dog’s paws. If your pup isn’t a fan of shoes, make sure to wipe their paws with a damp cloth after each walk to get rid of any salt or chemicals. If their paws are cracked or bleeding, a paw balm can help soothe and protect them.

5. Steer Clear of Frozen Water Frozen bodies of water can be risky for dogs. The ice might not be thick enough to hold their weight, and they could fall through. Keep your dog on a leash and away from frozen bodies of water.

6. Play It Safe Snow play is the best, but let’s keep it safe. Avoid throwing snowballs or ice chunks at your dog, as they can cause injuries. Instead, play fetch with a ball or frisbee. You can even build a snowman or snow fort with your dog.

7. Warm Up After Play After a fun snow play session, it’s time to warm up. Bring your dog inside and dry them off thoroughly with a towel. A warm bath can also help them warm up.

8. Breathe Easy Us brachycephalic dogs are more prone to respiratory infections. To avoid these, keep your dog’s environment clean and well-ventilated. Avoid exposing your dog to cigarette smoke, dust, and other irritants. If your dog starts coughing, sneezing, or having trouble breathing, call your vet immediately. Also, remember that humidity can help keep your French Bulldog hydrated during winter. Dry air from heating systems can cause respiratory problems and dry skin in dogs. A humidifier can help control your home’s humidity level and create a comfy environment for your furry friend (our choice here). 

I hope these tips help you and your furry friend have a blast this winter! Stay cozy and enjoy the snow!

I gotta run now because my little hooman needs me! SheHe is coughing and has a fever! Looks like she is under attack by nasty bugs! Stay tuned for updates and don't forget about our Youtube channel!

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