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An academic life is sometimes a nomad life

Welcome to our world and our Blog!

Let’s face it. A life in academia most of the time will take us to many places around the world seeking for training and advancement in our careers. Maybe during the PhD, you go for a short or long-term stay at your collaborator’s lab, or perhaps you look for a Postdoctoral fellowship abroad for a few years. Even possibly it could happen that you need to establish your own independent research far from where you started.

Whatever the case may be, we need to quickly adapt to a new lifestyle. This comes with many challenges! Learning a different language, building a life from the ground (sometimes more than once), studying how this new place where we ended up works to assure a better future.

We are a couple of scientists, more specifically microbiologists that have moved between Chile and the US at least three times during different stages of our careers and our lives. This meant we had to face unknown challenges every time! Even if we were returning/leaving from a known place. Now we are a family of four with a small baby and our beloved Frenchie, Coco.

We created this blog to write about our adventures and hopefully to serve as a guide or provide tips for others that may be in the same situation.

Stay tuned!


Academic Mom, Academic Dad, Academic Baby and Coco.


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